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Update:  I began the trip but stopped after 5 days.  I am very glad I tried and also very glad I stopped before getting into trouble.  Please read through my journal and other information I posted.  If you want to do a trip like this, by all means, plan it and do it.  Learn from what I did and what others have done but do not be discouraged by those who say you can’t do it or that you are crazy.  I will do this again but with friends and probably a vehicle (SAG) support.  I will also plan it so I am not away from my wife so long – whether she rides with us or meets us at several points during the ride. 

I absolutely believe that if my Paddle Across Florida kayak buddies could have joined me on this trip, we would have made it – as a team.  We just work so well together, get along great, and help each other to get through anything.  I found that although I like to challenge myself and endure pain and struggle, I don’t like to do it alone.  I will start working on talking them into joining me when I do this again : )


This Page was created to track Dave’s planning, training, and exploits on his quest to bicycle across the US in March/April 2014.  The plan was to start the last week of March and finish by the end of April – 5 weeks.  It will be just over 2,600 miles across the Southern United States.  Like the rest of the kayak website, I hope this will also enthuse and encourage others to do things that they and/or their friends/family didn’t think they could do.


I was looking at our website and reading “get out of your comfort zone” and “just do it.  I got to thinking that these kayak trips are becoming part of my comfort zone.  I remembered something that I’ve always wanted to do – ride a bicycle across the US.  A friend of mine did this when I was 18 and I’ve always regretted not joining him.  It was something I couldn’t see myself doing or being able to do.  Things have changed now that I’ve been doing these kayak trips, triathlons, and marathons.  I know that with proper training but more important, with proper attitude, I can do this (so can you!)  So here we go.


I am very fortunate that my wife said to go for it and my work will give me time off (non-paid) if I don’t have enough vacation time saved up by the time of my trip.  I figure if I wait until I retire I may not… well, I just may not get the chance.  You never know what the future holds so when you get a chance to do something you’ve dreamed of, you just gotta go for it.



Oct 2012

Picking up my new Surly Long Haul Trucker at

Stuart’s Wild Ride in Boca Raton.




My bike before additions.

To be added:  racks, bottle cages, bottles,

 panniers, handlebar bag, fenders, bike computer.




Racks, fenders, panniers, handlebar bag,

water bottles & cages, toe clips added.

Now we’re ready to roll !!




Update 01/18/13


I’ve done some practice rides ranging from 25 to 55 miles.  The bike rides smooth and I love the seat and feel.  One thing that concerns me is that it feels like a tank/Cadillac compared to my nice Cannondale road bike.  I guess the real test will come when I start hitting the hills and then the mountains.  Hard to train in Florida but I know of some tall bridges I may spend a few hours riding over just for practice.  My route from east to west will allow my legs to get stronger so by the time I hit the mountains in New Mexico, I will be in better shape to tackle them (I hope).